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    Follow the customer, touch an industry leader - jump button mold 1 out 128 holes, increase 7 times the capacity

    Release time:2021/05/06 Publisher:

    In January this year, led by DELIXI, BOSOM combined with materials, molds, process and other technologies, under the guidance of DELIXI experts, The developed DZ47N jump-buckle 1 out of 128 hole mode has been verified successfully.Due to the use of multi-cavity balanced flow channel, precision mold design, high-speed demoulding, in-mold monitoring and other processes and technologies, the full size of the T1 part in trial production is qualified at one time, and the trial assembly is passed at one time.

    This development has improved the quality of this key part and greatly improved the level of automation. The data comparison is as follows: the original 1-out 32-hole mold has a production capacity of about 250,000 in 24 hours, and now the 1-out 128 holes have been increased to 1.8 million. There is no demoulding problem, the material bar accounts for less than 30%, the quality is better and the production capacity has been increased by more than 7 times.


    On April 27th, BOSOM participated in the Electric Supplier Conference 2021 of DELIXI which was held in Wuhu, Anhui Province, and BOSOM was honored to be awarded the "Excellent Innovation" award of DELIXI Electric Group, and also praised by Delixi purchasing and operation leaders: the new technology realized the production efficiency of DZ47N hop first in the world!

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